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- Douglas Scharre, MD
- Anahita Adeli, MD
- Shu-ing Chang, PharmD
- Rebecca Davis, RN, LISW
- Maria Kataki, MD, PhD
- Brendan Kelley, MD
- Renee Kovesci, MS, CNP
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- Jennifer Icenhour, BA
- Kelly Ortman, BA
- Nicole Vrettos, BS
- Meredith Wessner, MA

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Ms. DavisRebecca Davis, RN, LISW
Counseling Specialist

OSU Appointment:

Background: Rebecca Davis received both a B.S. in nursing and an M.S.W. from The Ohio State University. She specializes in working with neuro-behavioral disordered patients and their caregivers. Ms. Davis formerly worked at the Central Ohio Alzheimer's Association as a nurse consultant and clinical social worker. She has designed and conducted numerous training programs concerning the care of dementia patients.

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