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At The Ohio State University we strongly believe that Neurology as an art and practice requires in depth knowledge of both common and rare disorders. Although our large referral base offers exposure to many uncommon pathologies, in order to ensure the readiness of our residents to practice we emphasize a strong, structured didactic program.

Conferences are held every morning, Monday through Friday for all neurology residents. During the first two months the lectures focus on understanding the neurologic examination, special diagnostic tests and emergency neurological management. Through the remainder of the year a structured study of the basic neurological sciences is presented in addition to Grand Rounds, Chairman’s Clinical Rounds, Neurodiagnostics, Journal Club, Behavioral Neurology Case Conference. Additionally residents are welcome at Epilepsy Monitoring Unit Conference, EMG Case Conference and Neuromuscular Case Conference.


All residents are required to pursue a research project during their training with the guidance of a faculty mentor of the resident’s choosing. Each resident’s research project is encouraged to culminate in a formal medical communication, be that a paper, abstract, platform presentation, or poster presentation.