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- Michel Torbey, MD, MPH, FCCM, FAHA
- Diana Greene-Chandos, MD
- Mohamad Chmayssani, MD
- Andrew Slivka, MD, FAHA
- Noah Grose, RN, CNP, ACNP
- Karen Wiles, BSN, RN, CCM
- Susan Yeager, MS, RN, CCRN, ACNP


Nancy Webb
Administrative Associate
Division of Cerebrovascular Diseases & Neurocritical Care
333 W. 10th Avenue
Suite 3172C
Columbus, Ohio  43210
Office: 614-685-6917
Fax: 614-366-7004

Neurocritical Care

The only one of its kind in central Ohio, the OSU Neurocritical Care (NCC) Service provides specialized care to critically-ill neurological and neurosurgical patients. In addition to post-procedure neurosurgical care, the NCC Service manages patients with brain hemorrhage, traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, status epilepticus, neuromuscular crises, central nervous system infections and other life-threatening neurological disorders. The OSU NCC Service is comprised of faculty physicians who possess a unique training not only in neurology, but also medical and surgical intensive care. This dual expertise enables meticulous fostering of our patients’ critical care needs with a special emphasis on the nervous system. Collaborating to support the care of critically-ill neurological patients and their families, this service is staffed with a highly-skilled cadre of nurses, therapists, social workers, pharmacists, and nurse practitioners. The NCC Service has immediate access to state-of-the-art neurological monitoring technology such as continuous electroencephalogram (EEG), brain tissue oxygen tension (PBO2) and temperature monitoring, and ventricular and lumbar drainage system. The NCC Service works intimately with the OSU Stroke Center, bringing about quality care to critically-ill stroke patients.

Diana Greene-Chandos, MD (Director)
Michel Torbey, MD, MPH, FCCM, FAHA

Noah Grose, RN, CNP, ACNP
Susan Yeager, MS, RN, CCRN, ACNP